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Anxious Times for Families around Lough Funshinagh

August 16, 2021

Anxious Times for Families around Lough Funshinagh

Anxious Times for Families around Lough Funshinagh – Dolan

The recent injunction by Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) on works at Lough Funshinagh could cause devastating delays for the local community. 

These court actions will cause a serious outcome for families with delays to this project to reduce the water levels and protect families homes and farms. It is a real heartache for families in the Rahara, Ballagh, Ardmullen and Lisphelim areas around the Lough.

This is a humanitarian project to protect lives and livelihoods due to the rising waters in the turlough. Currently Lough Funshinagh is 2.5 metres above normal levels and this is a cause of real anxiety for families in the area.

Minister Patrick O’Donovan and the Office of Public Works (OPW) worked with Roscommon County Council to achieve a solution to allow communities to survive along the lough. This is a beautiful landscape with a rich environmental heritage and farmers in the area have been guardians of these lands however now it is a question of survival

The impact of an injunction will delay this project and it will cause an uncertain future for residents when the Autumn and Winter heavy rainfall causes further devastation in the area. The Lough Funshinagh Flood Crisis Committee has advocated so strongly for their community and to protect the people, the area, the wildlife all which are affected by rising water levels.

The Minister took emergency action in collaboration with OPW and Roscommon County Council due to hydrological updates on Lough Funshinagh which predicts the potential for flood levels next winter to exceed previous records. The overflow pipe may have ensured time to lower the water level of the lake in advance of next winter”

I call on all parties to this legal action to work together to achieve a solution for the benefit of people, wildlife and the local environment as soon as possible.