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Ballinasloe Says No Campaign Against New Permit Nov 2020

Ballinasloe Says No 

As a community, as a town we know the impact on health, road safety and the environment for the wider Ballinasloe area, we have fought these battles before and we will fight again. We are doing this for the health and wellbeing of our families and for the future of our town.
Our reasons are very clear...

  1. * Ballinasloe Says No to 30 tonne trucks on our streets

  2. * Ballinasloe Says No to Air Pollution from hundreds of diesel powered trucks in urban built up areas

  3. * Ballinasloe Says No to damaging the unique boglands on our doorstep


 We are in the middle of a lockdown and dealing with a Covid pandemic. However our committee and team are meeting online and planning next steps and we have support from public representatives especially from our local Cllr Evelyn Parsons.

 Galway Co Council have to validate the application and it will be made available for public review from the 2nd week in November. Then we will have the opportunity to make submissions until roughly mid-December.

Once we have reviewed the application, Ballinasloe Says No will schedule a public zoom online meeting where people will also be able to dial in by phone - we will update here. To note the site notice from 2019 and the current one are similar.



How can you help?

Please share, invite friends & family to like the page and tell people when you are speaking with them on the phone. And if you would like to get involved - do email us on or message the page here. We will engage with people online, by phone, post, newspapers. Thanks for your support


Please click here to register for online public meeting - Tuesday, 17th November 2020